Financing Options

Start Up Corporations: Start Ups have usually very limited options available for external financing. QTH can present and help the start-up explore all possibilities.

Private Individual Funding: Private individuals usually are more flexible and have different investing criteria than Private Equity Firms. QTH has a wide contact list of Private Individuals that would be willing to Invest in innovative ideas and projects.

Private Equity Funding; QTH can help the company get closer to the right Private Equity firm, so that discussions have the highest probability of success. QTH works with numerous Private Equity Firms, each and every one specializing in different sectors of the economy and having different Investing Criteria.

Bank Financing: Traditional Bank Financing is on the decline, at least for small corporations. Traditional Bank Financing is in most cases though the least expensive means of raising Working Capital and QTH works with numerous Small and Medium size Banks that are looking for the right company to lend money to.

Asset Based Lending: includes A/R financing, Inventory Financing and Purchase Order Financing, all means for a company to raise more working capital and to better utilize its own assets. 

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