Financing options

We cooperate with various money providers to attain the optimum match for your needs/projects.

Traditional Bank Finance, Private Equity Funding, Asset Based Lending, Project Financing Capital for Start-Ups, Cross Border Financing even Finance based on Intangible Assets, are just some options we make available to our clients. 

We cooperate with Domestic and International Investment Banks, we work very closely with our clients to attain optimum corporate structure. 

Whether our client is a start-up company, a small or a medium size corporation Quantum has the established pathways to present solid options from the most reliable sources.

We can help International Corporations with their financing needs if they wish to establish operations in the U.S and we can help Domestic Corporations establish operations Overseas.


​- Traditional Bank Finance

- Private Equity Finance

- Debt/Equity Project Financing

- Tangible Asset Based Lending

- Intangible Asset Based Lending

- Investment Banking Services

- Cross Border Financing

- Mergers and Acquisitions Financing

- Bridge Financing

Are typical areas where we have helped our clients over the past 2 years

We strive to help businesses develop solid foundations.