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International business Development

The 21st Century is the century of Globalization. It is a misconception that only multinational companies enjoy the privilege of having global market presence.
Quantum offers International Business Development Services.

These include but are not limited to marketing services in different countries, setting up sales agents, product distributors and help considerably in "Cross Border" financing.
Irrespective of what product or service a company markets in the domestic U.S. market, the need for these exist in other countries.

For years U.S. based small to medium size companies relied heavily on the domestic market only and the occasional exports to Canada or Mexico.
The domestic market is very large, but the competition is intense and is extremely sensitive to economic volatility.

The presence in other markets opens more opportunities for rapid growth and concurrently provides hedging against domestic economic volatility.

Furthermore, existing Domestic Tax laws allow Tax Optimization if business is conducted in an international level.

Quantum maintains an extensive network of contacts in many countries around the world, who can undertake to implement the strategy set by the client.