We strive to help businesses develop solid foundations.

Quantum through its extensive network of contacts in the finance, legal, project management and energy sectors which is in a unique position to assess, to advise and assist with the establishment for an extensive array of development projects for small and medium size corporations.

Quantum works with clients to develop strategies, which will help them succeed in achieving their financial goals.

Whether you are launching a new product, an entirely new enterprise, seeking capital, seeking to expand domestically or internationally, an M&A opportunity, Quantum will assist in your quest and achievement of your financial objectives. 

QTH works closely with Tax Attorneys, CPA's and other specialized professionals to optimize Tax position of the company or to help obtain all the Tax incentives available to the company.

QTH works closely with management to survey the corporate status, identifying and enhancing strengths, whilst minimizing weaknesses. QTH helps implement custom procedures to continuously monitor and report corporate performance.

Management consulting

Operations Streamlining
Marketing and Sales

QTH advises in Marketing and sales approaches, optimizing the effects of marketing dollars spent.​

​QTH helps to identify the correct structure, that will allow protection, flexibility, objective valuation and the foundation for future expansion.

Tax Optimization

QTH helps to streamline operations, utilizing the most technologically advanced anthropocentric products available in the market. ​​

Corporate Assessment
Corporate Structures