Under Normal Operations

​There are various reasons why companies can run into financial troubles.

Reasons can be Macroeconomic, Micro-economic, Globalization, Loss of a key person, Shareholder disagreements, unfair competition, a risk that did not pay-off or even an unexpected incident.​

In all cases, corrective maneuvers are needed. Quantum has the knowledge, the experience, the means and most importantly the right team to help expedite the turnaround process. 

The healthiest and cleanest way to turnaround a company is under normal operations, gradually and steadily plot a new course and diligently stay on-course until the financial results are attained. This includes but is not limited to:

-Reduction of Operating Expenses (OPEX)

-Debt consolidation

-Debt Restructuring

-Debt Refinancing

​Unfortunately there is a milestone that once reached, the company runs out of time and needs to request protection under Bankruptcy Proceedings. QTH has worked in Chapter 11 cases and can offer the basic Services required in a corporate Bankruptcy such as:

-Chief Restructuring Officer Services
-Services Liaising between Company and  Bankruptcy Court, U.S Trustee
-Creditor Negotiation Services
-Preparation of the necessary  Restructuring Business Plan

Turnaround Services

Under Bankruptcy Proceedings

We strive to help businesses develop solid foundations.