Modular Refineries

(1500-8000 bpd throughput)


Modular Refineries are skid mounted, modular crude oil Atmospheric Distillation Units (ADU) which process from 1,500 - 8,000 bpd of crude oil and are capable of producing a variety of finished products including but not limited to naphtha, kerosene, diesel and fuel oil.

Modular Refineries

- Operate in a fully automated manner, Typically modular refineries require only 1 dedicated employee per shift and a helper

- Can be easily permitted due to very low emission levels

- Can operate either (a) as needed or (b) continuously in which case, a yearly shut down maintenance period of approximately 3 weeks is normally required.

Modular refineries are the most efficient method for a producer of crude Oil to convert the Crude Oil to a finished product - on site - avoiding transportation costs and radically improving producers' bottom line results.

Quantum mediates to raise the provide necessary Finance for the outright purchase, or Leasing of the unit.  The end-user/producer adds a very valuable fully automated asset to his operation, that practically pays off for itself in a very short time period. 

Quantum provides integrated turn-key project management, from the custom engineering design phase, built phase, employee training, commissioning and start-up phase. 

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